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hi and hello and namaste

trying to be clever and witty and all that. it is tough. don”t judge me by my words but by my action of tapping the keys.

here my son besides me is laughing at what i am writing.

watch out for my new posts…watch the new writer unfold

i am here to throw the colors on the canvas and hope it  turns into a painting.

comments and critics welcomed but be ready for rebuts.

writing some plays and prose and travelogues and random thoughts. will post them.

writing is cathartic. when you re read it, it seems a stranger within you has written it. then he has run away. disappeared randomly lost in the crowd of your thoughts. next time another one appears as bizarre as his predecessor.

more to come for glory of the ink and the mind

please give me feed backs, for the fuel to fire will keep the blog warm


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