Thoughts while shopping

A careless preparation to shop, on a sunday afternoon, a time normally to nap,and rejuvenate.,
Me and my loved one went shopping. She loves me more when i do this. A casual list was, mentally, prepared of where i wanted to spend my money. The idea being more to spend  than to buy.
Trousers, shirts and T-shirts always sneak up on the list. They are always there. To be bought.
It is so boring to select and then size, finally to find a free, glassed trail room. As you remove your shoes and then your lower body attire, the chap in the mirror gives that wry smile. Your navel is seen at such a close up, contorted, as the right leg is lifted to slip into the crisp cotton. There at that moment, looking at your collection of adipocytes, once again you promise yourself a sterner exercise and diet regime. oh ! how short-lived is this resolution. I have now decided to try the fitting room every day, a slight detour on the way to work.

One peculiar but constant, epiphany is that all things that please the eye are not on sale ” fresh stocks” or the price tag is missing. This happens more often when your wife finds something, suitable, after screening for over thirty minutes and thirty racks.

To shop is good for you and partner and economy. Sending is more important than buying. The ephemeral delights of walking in the malls cannot be sacrificed on the altar of Sunday afternoon naps.

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