wisdom at juhu beach

morning walk in a dump yard

There was this ship that lost its tug, while on its way to Alang port for breaking. Let loose, landed on Juhu beach just missing a newly, proudly built worli sealink. A bridge built over a decade.The ship became a talk of the town. ” take the children to see the ship.” ” best time to see it is in the morning, less crowd”.The Indians of the land of Gandhi still have a dhoti tied in their mind. “Wisdom”  became the talk and breaking news. Traffic jams and chaos. Good for buissness at the shore. A food stall vendor wanted a few more ships.Plastic and paper also came along, all to see the ship at the sea. A giant, rusty piece of iron, looking docile reminding me of a geriatric retired bank manager. Sitting in a courtyard, resigned to fate.

    Finally on the 1 st of July the ship was tugged back and sailed on towards its graveyard. A ship called wisdom, so exposed the wisdom of wise indians.I refuse to post the pictures of the ship. not out of disgust but as a respect to a dying retired bank manager.

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